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I decided to open comissions
I've never done it but I wanted to try it

damphyr How will I take commissions?

I will do the commissions in order of payment. Whoever pays first, their commission will be my first project.

damphyr How to request a commission?

Send me a DA note listing the following…

         Bullet; Blue The name of your character(s)
         Bullet; Blue What type of picture (lineart, sketch, chibi, etc) 
         Bullet; Blue Provide links to your reference pictures. (References must be pictorial!)
         Bullet; Blue Provide any additional information or details

damphyr Prices

     Bullet; Pink Face and shoulders (one character): $20.00
     Bullet; Pink Waist and up: $30.00
     Bullet; Pink Full body: $40.00
damphyr Aditionals

     Bullet; Pink Simple background: $5.00
     Bullet; Pink Another character: $20.00

Star! Prices are subject to change based on demand and dificulty of the project.

damphyr Payment

      Paypal Stamp by artist4com
     Bullet; Pink Send your payment through paypal to 
     Bullet; Pink I will only accept payments through paypal!
     Bullet; Pink I will only start the picture once I have received full payment.

damphyr Completion of your picture

     Bullet; Pink I will notify you once the picture is complete and send you the image.
     Bullet; Pink I do not send originals because my pictures are digital.

damphyr What I will absolutely not draw

     Bullet; Pink Gore
     Bullet; Pink Sex
     Bullet; Pink Nudity

damphyr Terms and Conditions
       [Badge] Copyright - This is my work by Daeonir
     Bullet; Pink You DO NOT own the rights to this image that I create for you.
     Bullet; Pink You DO NOT have permission to make copies and sell my artwork. 
     Bullet; Pink They are for personal use only. (Can upload to your gallery)
     Bullet; Pink Any reproduction without permission is copyright infringement and can be fined.

Well I just noticed how obssesed I'm with bunnys huhuhu
I love then in cute drawings
and liste girls wearing bunny ears

In other matters.. I was wondering what type of pokemon I would be, water probably but not sure which one

Well, talking about thing that I cant stop thinking about
Fifthy shades of Grey!!! I love him, Im crazyyyyyy hahaha

farewell you
yes you
the only one person that reads this

Hi! the world is gonna end tomorrow so I wanted to post hahahaha
I dont believe in that but its funny to mention it

I was checking my art in here... and its so old!!!
I cant believe I haven't updated anithing in more than a year and that my gallery is so small when I have so much drawings at home!!
I wanted to just post digital art but I love watercolors and manga, that I never posted..

I re-read one sample of my manga and it was hilarius! I can't believe I dont upload any of this, and that I have been in DA for years and only have 11,000 views
Such a looser

I'm really busy at work
but I still enjoy having time for my art

Love u all!
Wow haven't posted in a log time, but still liking DA
hay que dar el extra, asi que me he puesto un poco las pilas y me estoy poniendo mas seguido a dibujar. Pero creo que lo que tengo que practicar mas que nada son poses, movimiento y fondos. Mas que colorear, mejor hago un buen lineart q dibujar no??

waka hay q dejar la flojera, por que ahi uno esta muerto, tiene que hacer FUA FUA FUAAA! y revivir
asi es
Asi es el Fua ha dado inspiracion a mi vida lol
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Wow it's been a long time... i'm totally focused on my job. I wish I had enough energy to draw more.
I got discovered by my computer and it blocked my photoshop! Im so angry, I guess I said yes to an update.. that happens when you do not pay attention!!!

love you all
have fun!
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  • Reading: Harry Potter 7 (again..)
  • Watching: Dancing in the vampire bound
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  • Drinking: tea (in my new Mary Poppins cup!)


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 3, 2010, 10:15 AM
Its incredible, but this month has been crazy for me.
I started to get as obssesed with DA as my first year here!
I need to get some time to draw! you know, I can answer messages and stuff, but in the office is quite imposible to draw! they will catch me! haha
Now I get Why stamps are so cool! so now Im collectig´em! its like pokemon, gotta chatch´em all! but I dont know how to display them, can anybody give me some advice? I dont know how to put thumbnails in my journals and stuff... so lame hehe
ho I figured it out! hehehe cool
CLAMP Fan Stamp by rapaoloni clamp kobato by lucianag
Hogwarts Stamp by lemonfox2002 Harry Potter Addict by ghysella

Im thinking of starting comissions, but ok, you can ask
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke
I accept comisions of anything that can have my girly style
No echii, no yaoi or yuri (for the moment), no gore
If youre interested send me a message with your comission request and charas, then I tell tou the price. You can pay in points but its gonna be equivalent to real price of the comission. (I want points to get my other memership, I want it)
So ask away, ask away! (like in the movie)

ok lets stop the nonsense and get to work!

An for thore I promised sketches, I´m on it. So sorry for the delay

  • Listening to: Abe mao
  • Reading: Harry Potter 7 (again..)
  • Watching: Dancing in the vampire bound
  • Playing: violin
  • Eating: tuna
  • Drinking: tea (in my new Mary Poppins cup!)


Fri Aug 13, 2010, 4:10 PM
As always, but go knows how happy it makes me to have some spare time ñacañaca!
thake that boss!!
Der Thron by carrat
hiji! jajajaja

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  • Watching: Ranma 1/2!
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 5, 2010, 9:06 AM
ok lets get chilled out
I learnead a great lesson of life...
If in your work they want you to do things that wheren´t in your job description.... do them fast and with no care at all! You do it, but your boss is not really going to read it!!!!!! :fork: He´ll just check, and if if need corrections you say you dindn´t knew haw to do it!!!
crazy crazy sexy girl I am :finger:

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  • Reading: Harry Potter 7 (again..)
  • Watching: Ai yori aoshi
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  • Drinking: camomile tea
Well I always get this thing in the good way... to remember that everything can happen.. fuc* haha well at the end its just money and no one is injured and Im not in jail so everythings fine

In other matters Im getting impatient! I forgot the place my tablet is and I want to draw!!!!! so I have to start a good search of course after going to wach shrek 4!!!!

I  also went to The Wizardring World of Harry Potter!!! its awesome!!!!! but PACKED, ho holly sh** its incredible the amount of people, 1 hour in line for each store!! and almost 1.7 hrs for the ride! thats crazy!!
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I´ve been out of the country for a while so I´m sorry for the delay on the sketches.
This year has been awesome! and I hope to have enough time to post some art.. you know.. work work work.. crazy things in life

And what about the crisis? well the euro is getting in problems but lets keep the smile! and talk about my new obsesion!!


yea! they are soooo cute! I love Gil! adorable!
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  • Reading: Codigo 06140
  • Watching: Dr house
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For the first 5 people who ask for it.

I don´t do hentai, yaoi, yuri, it can be just a little suggestive
It will be in bw
It´ll have medium size to small
You can ask for 1 chara in particular or your personal OC
I can make changes if them are required to the rules or sketch

Good luck!!
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Pues mi vida laboral ha comenzado oficialmente y mi titulo de LDMC pronto me será entregado (eso es diseñadora de modas y calzado)
Fui una ñoña así que me he graduado por promedio, pero lamento informar a mi estimado publico que no me esforcé como debiera. Así es, pude haber librado las mismas calificaciones con mayor presión, nivel de calidad..etc.

No he sido conocida como una persona presumida (no en los últimos años, hay que excluir la pubertad de toda discusión por favor) pero siento que hubiera podido con mas retos.

Pero hablando de retos, el mayor de todos a partir de ahora para mi es: sobrevivir (vivir cómodamente sería lo apropiado) haciendo lo que me gusta (no, no hablo en doble sentido) pero soy obligada psicológicamente a trabajar en el negocio familiar, no es tan maloooo pero es frustante.  

No me gusta vivir de algo que no disfruto hacer, puedo parecer remilgosa, pero no me rendiré hasta conseguir hacer lo que quiero.
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Es increíble como a través de ya 4 años solo he escrito 11 veces contando esta, serian menos de 4 veces al año... wawawa Pero he decidido ya ya soy toda una profesionista y debo revivir este lugar. De verdad las subscripciones funcionan??? para q es, solo para no tener anuncios y mas trikecitos no? o trae algún otro beneficio? es q no he leido las bases jejeje

floja soy jo jo jo!

Y ahora se que quiero un mundo de micheladas!
que del cielo caiga un cartón,
que el clamato caiga del cielo....

la nueva versión de atrevete a soñar.... pero en la fiesta!!
Todo pinta bastante bien por el momento, mis dolores de gastritis han desaparecido y las fiestas navideñas fueron muy divertidas.
ayer me puse a jugar playstation, un juego de trivias bastante divertido, solo recuerdo que empezaba su nombre con Buzz.. pero no me se lo demas. Mi equipo era con el personaje del mimo y ganamos una partida, en la otra donde era un mono tipo napoleon.. perdimos jajajaja pero los personajes estan muy simpaticos.

La feria de mi ciudad comienza hoy, pero no planeo ir por que no estoy segura de cuanta gente va a ir, ademas me da flojera cuack!
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Pues volvi a la uni y tube q volver a entrar a ingles.. pues no se abrio grupo de frances o italiano.. malditos!
ademas tengo q hacer servicio profesional, suena interesante pero a q hora? bueno ya me las arreglare

Y hablando de cosas mas interesantes... jajaja

no hay nada por ahora, solo para avisar q sigo viva
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Muy poca gente se ha adentrado en el estudio de tribus urbanas, pues yo lo hago de manera esporadica y me ha dado cuenta que muy poca gente conoce a lo pokemones.

Pues como los emos estan tan de moda surgieron las esperadas ramificaciones y una de ellas son los populares pokemones.
No son gente disfrazada de botargas de pokemon ni mucho menos. Son Emos que de manera absurda gustan del REGUERTTON! (contrario a la musica emo normal de cortate las venas) es raro pero cierto.

La gente en mexico los rechaza, y en wikipedia les han hecho un articulo muy ofensivo.

Yo no tengo nada en su contra (NO SOY EMO) y me parece q la gente q los odia no tienen justificación racional y solo gustan de crear alboroto y burlarse de alguien


Translated with altavist@ (i´m just lazy)

Very little people have entered themselves in the study of urban tribes, because I do it esporadicly  and i´ve noticed that very little people know pokemones.

The emos as fashionable as they are nowadays , we just awaited for the normal ramifications and one of them is pokemones.
They are not disguised people of jester's outfits of pokemon far from it. They are Emos that of absurd way pleases of the REGUERTTON! (in opposition to the normal emo music) it is rare but certain.

People in mexico reject them, and in wikipedia they have done an article very offensive. I do not have anything against ´em (I AM NOT EMO) and seems to me that people that hates them do not have rational justification  they please to create uproar and to make fun of somebody
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Once rima con Montse, mi nombre real (informacion confidencial)
recuerdo cuando cumpli los once años y tenia un tio q me decia once y ya no me llamaba x mi nombre hasta q cumpli los 12..
una remembraza del pasado

Desde ahora (despues de varios años de estar aqui) decidi escribir en español pues se me hace q debo de sentirme orgullosa de mi idioma, el ingles me gusta pero pues ya chole jajaja

Nadie me pidio el kiribian, a la primera persona q lo pida antes del 15 de abril se lo dare, si no pues ya sera cosa del destino al parecer no soy lo uficientemente popular para andar regalando dibujos, bueno esta bien pero ya me veo cuando exponga en museos y la gente quiera algunos de mis trabajos, estos no seran en absoluto gratis jajajaja

pronto expondre en un museo de mi ciudad y estoy muy nerviosa waaaawawa cerditos!

mucha suerte a todos y hasta la proxima edicion del diario de Eli Riddle!
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Well thats normal for me , i´m really broke.., and still don´t want to have a very boring job.. any ideas?
I was thinking about a goo and easy job via-internet... but still I need to find it..

I´m not posting anything..i don´t like anything I make lately and I´m procticing the illustrator... fuck i´ts hard .. for some of you must be easy, but still I dont have anyone to help me here..

Well for the kiribian (2500 visit) I will need a screenshot, and I will give a gift ^^ just select some chara (with reference) and I will draw it for you

I will try to practice more jejeje
  • Listening to: "tear you apart" She wants revenge
  • Reading: "La hija de la Fortuna" de Isabel Allend
  • Watching: D. Gray Man
  • Playing: violin
  • Eating: diet fish
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Yes Christmas eve, a beautiful time of year.. today is tha day and i´m sitting here without ANY presents that I haven´t buyed.. it´s going to be an interesting nigth jejeje
The good thing is that tomorrow i´m going to drive all the way to San Antonio, Tx ! yei! (well im not the driver it´s my dad XP) but still im going to be inside a car for more then 12 hours!!! my Claustrophobia!!!! jajaja

Yes im going to be OUT OF TOWN for a whole week! yei!! Lost in the consumist eviroment of San Marcos and all kinds of malls! Let´s Buy withouth control!!

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